MD&E completed a design-build contract for a multi-national manufacturer of home and office products with the design and construction of an groundwater recirculation and in-situ biological treatment system. Biological treatment entailed the injection of a carbon source that releases hydrogen gas upon fermentation. The resulting increase in dissolved hydrogen served to stimulate the activity of native soil microorganisms capable of dechlorinating (breaking-down) the target solvents. Molecular techniques, including Real-Time Polymerized Chain Reaction (RT-PCR), were used to assay for the presence of dechlorinating bacterium on site soil.

The treatment process was conducted within the footprint of an active paint manufacturing facility, with minimal disruption to business operations. Recirculation of groundwater enabled plume capture at the downgradient property boundary, and provided make-up water for nutrient/amendment delivery to the plume center of mass for biotreatment.

MD&E managed and executed all phases of system construction, permitting and operation and maintenance.