MD&E completed a design-build-maintain contract for a waste management company in the Upper Midwest. The contract required implementation of a remediation system to treat volatile organic compounds in groundwater downgradient of a closed landfill. The design envisioned by MD&E was based on 3D hydrodynamic modeling efforts to select hydraulic manipulation schemes that promote in-situ mass transfer of VOCs to a vaporous form, and collection of these vapors for ex-situ treatment. The system encompasses a 15-acre footprint and circulates approximately 300 gpm of groundwater through 5 pneumatically-operated hydraulic manipulation cells. MD&E managed all phases of the construction, including air transfer system fabrication, process control, and the installation of over 1,000 feet of HDPE piping for the air transfer systems and associated manholes for access to condensate drip-lines and elevation corrections.